dinsdag 8 januari 2013

How i feel? - anymous

Dit is gaat even niet over beauty , maar ik wou het toch delen met jullie .

It's like i have no feelings anymore. If  i think about one thing that has a meaning in my life i start crying and feeling worse . I wanna change my life , i'm not me anymore . I'm what people want me to be but i'm a mess.
I'm totally not enough for anyone . It feels like i'm nothing . No one talks to me and no one is interesting in me . No one want's to hang out with me . Even my familiy isn't caring about me , actually it doesn't suprise me but it hurts alot and they don't realize .. And it's killing me sitting the whole vacation alone with my pc being ugly alone and sad on my room. I'm tired , really tired . Tired of my own life and the fake people around me . I'm just sick of my days that are always the same . Sleep , wake - up , survive , go back to sleep .I talk to no one cause it feels like no one wants to . I'm not importnant enough and i know it . I wanna be someone in people 's lifes . I wanna be loved , i need love . I miss the feeling of being loved . The feeling that someone loves you and reammy means it . I realize that the boy i love(d) only give's me bad feelings an hurts me constantly and that's why i'm giving up on him , it's sad yeah but what do you expect from me hmm?
And well this is kinda how i feel , i thought i couldn't subcribe it but i just did . I wanna change , i wanna be a sweet lovely person that is loved ma alot of people . And make something of my life . And to you , you are pretty and be happy with the things you have and keep on dreaming. And the funny thing about this is : no one ask's me how i feel :)

Love Anymous.

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