woensdag 15 mei 2013

Dear you...

Dear you,

sometimes I think about how it was. Because I never really did let it go. I was scared to let it go. So I was holding on hoping that you would return. And know when summer is comming, I know that you're comming. Or, I'm hopping that you are. Darling, I still feel pain about what you did. People don't believe what we did together. Friends don't believe the stories I tell about us. I don't want them to say that, because it's like they're saying that you're not real. And you are. I know that you are. No one knows about the pain. The pain everytime I'm standing on a skateboard, or everytime I watch the movie 'Dear John' again. It's like our story. Sending letters. For a while. And then, breaking up, because you have someone else.

I heard that she broke up with you. Somstimes I'm talking to your sisther. I'm going back to the Nederlands. It's gonna be hard. I know that it's going to be so painfull to go back to the place that we met. Kissed. Slept. I'm going to swim in the sea where we were swimming. I'm gonna skateboard on the stones that we skateboarded. I'm gonna cry, where we were laughing. I'm going to buy a coke, where you drink one. I'm gonna die. Inside. Because I can tell myself that you will make your promise, that you are going to be there when you told you should. But deep, in a dark place of my heart I know you're not going to be there.

No one believes. Understands. Or listens to the pain I feel. And tears are streaming. Down. I remember that when I cried you would take a tear on you're finger and trow it in to the sea. You were the only one that ever saw me cry. I miss you darling, everyday. It's almost a year ago. But forgetting a person, who gave you so mutch to remember is so hard.

I love you. And I think forever.
P.s. I do not always feel like that. But sometimes, when all is going bad, and I feel alone. I remember you.

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